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The School gives immense importance to sports activities since one of the chief objectives of the school is the overall development of the students. Besides playing a key role in proper physical development, sports are greatly helpful in cultivating healthy competitive spirit and teamwork. The school has trained sports coaches to monitor the students. SHPS is the first school in the Haridwar region that has introduced swimming and skating. The campus contains a standard swimming pool, skating rink, and a large, open playground. The School has had the privilege of organizing its Sports Day at the BHEL Stadium. The school also lays great emphasis on games like chess, scrabble etc as they sharpen the students’ mental aptitude.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school lays great emphasis on extra curricular activities. Every child possesses an undiscovered, hidden talent. Children need a creative space that not only gives them recreation, but also channelizes their energy into creative and beautiful expressions. Hobby classes provide just such a space for the children to discover, develop and express their talent in the areas of art & craft, music, dance and sports. Rewards for creative works complement academic study and encourage concentration, patience, commitment and teamwork. Special emphasis is also given to debates, dramatics, choral singing, elocution, creative writing to name a few.


Yoga teaches to use the body as the bow, asanas as the arrow, and the soul as the target. We therefore give due emphasis on the practice of Yogic asanas to improve the physical and mental health of the children. This also inculcates spiritual and moral upliftment of children. These classes are held in fully carpeted well ventilated rooms.


Students get an opportunity to observe and celebrate our major festivals by observing days of national importance, enacting plays depicting the history and cultural festivals of India. Hymns invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati are sung daily during School Assembly. Preservation of our national and cultural heritage is emphazised.


Excursions and travel provide a different dimension to the learning process which cannot be simulated in any way except by actually doing it. Students of all ages are encouraged to enjoy and benefits from outings, visits, field trips – the many and varied ways in which their education can be enhanced by seeing something new, by going somewhere different. Every year, students undertake visits to cultural, historical or amusement centers. The trips and excursion are thoroughly planned and supervised by our faculty with the safety and comfort of students in mind.


Students are encouraged to play their part in community service within the House System, the School and in the local community. Tree plantation, visiting orphanages and spending time with them and various activities highlighting socio-economic issues are just some of the services undertaken by our students.


Students are trained to have a healthy, nutritious and satvik diet because it is believed that healthy food makes a healthy mind. This is an organized program, where the students have their lunch together under supervision as per the Indian system which also teaches self control. To develop proper food habits, a prescribed list is provided which includes one fruit, seasonal vegetables, sprouts and chapattis along with a plate, bowl and a napkin.


The school is a regular participant in various Olympiad, literary and sports competitions at the international, national and state level.


SHPS is very proud to celebrate its Founders Day on a grand scale. Cultural programs, Sports and Academics play a vital part. Our Founders Day has been honoured with the presence of H.E. The Governor of Uttarakhand, IAS & IPS Officers, eminent educationists and distinguished personalities of the city & district.